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Management solution that works - is your company spending cuts for at least a half times!

We don`t teach you to understand the intricacies of the system settings. We won`t sell you only the equipment and software.
Our goal - to give you the tools to work effectively. We enjoy to create a high quality service!

Why we?

Innotech Company

Innotech Company is a developer of high-quality software, planning and monitoring of vehicles, and personnel to achieve maximum productivity.
Besides the well-known GPS technology, Innotech integrates a wide range of positioning technology, laser technology, application software, wireless communications, as well as various services to create complete business solutions. Integrated solutions from the Intelligence Bureau enable users to quickly and easily collect and analyze complex information, as well as manage, increasing their productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Innotech products used in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. We have a highly structured dealers and distribution partners, providing service and support to its customers. We have developed unique solutions for monitoring transport, mobile solutions for different types of businesses that help our customers grow their business.
Our portfolio includes solutions for vehicle tracking, accounting, route taxis constructing dispatch services, distribution solutions enterprise mobility solutions for retail businesses to companies that have branched fixed assets and assets which allow to build a record, perform field work with entering data into the repository in a mode -line.




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